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Contracts: Massachusetts police chief sues town, selectmen

muccilegal December 3, 2018

On behalf of Law Offices of Richard Mucci posted in Contracts on Monday, December 3, 2018.

A disgruntled Massachusetts police chief is suing the town for which he works along with a couple selectmen who opted not to renew his contract. The chief, who works for the town of Milford, about 25 miles southwest of Boston, filed a contracts lawsuit against the town and two selectmen, who he says have no say in whether his contract should or should not have been renewed. Alleging that the decision sullied his reputation, he is suing for more than $500,000.

The state has a mandatory retirement age of 65 and the chief is now 62. He has been in the position since 2002. The town has formed a search committee to find a replacement candidate. 

The chief is suing the two selectmen on the board who voted not to renew his contract. Residents have shown their support for the chief by attending town meetings to show their displeasure. Many have signed a circulating petition and have asked to have one of the selectmen named in the suit removed from office. 

When a Massachusetts resident believes he or she has suffered because of a breach of contract, an attorney experienced in contracts law may be able to help.  In this case, the police chief had been working for the municipality for more than 15 years and always had his contract renewed. The fact that he is three years away from retirement may have been cause alone for him to consult legal counsel. Contracts regarding employment are overseen by complex statutes, regulations and case law for which an attorney can provide guidance and ongoing support.

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