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Construction law issues between contractors and subcontractors

muccilegal November 29, 2018
On behalf of Law Offices of Richard Mucci posted in Construction Law on Thursday, November 29, 2018.

In many cases, when it comes to building, demolition and renovation, Massachusetts general contractors and subcontractors appear to have a united front in dealing with owners and developers. Behind the scenes, things may not be quite as tranquil, however. Construction law issues between contractors and subcontractors happen more often than either would like to admit.

Whether you are the contractor or the subcontractor, you will probably recognize certain common issues that easily turn into disputes. Money often ranks at the top of the list. Payment issues may arise for any number of reasons. Perhaps delays in the construction process, change orders or other matters get in the way of a subcontractor receiving payment on time.

Issues regarding construction defects, the scope of work and work conditions also lead to disputes between contractors and subcontractors. In some instances, the problem may arise from different interpretations of the contract between the parties. Even problems with labor, supplies and materials can put contractors and subcontractors at odds. It may be possible to resolve any of these or other issues without much fuss, but in other cases, the parties need more help in reaching a satisfactory resolution.

That may be done through mediation or arbitration, which could allow the parties to stay out of court, but when that is not possible, the parties could find themselves headed to court. Your primary concern is to protect your rights, but you may also want to try to preserve the relationship with the other party. This often requires a delicate touch. In any case, whether you are the contractor or subcontractor, you would probably benefit from the advice and assistance of a Massachusetts construction law attorney to help you reach the resolution that best suits your needs.

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