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A parenting plan can account for numerous child custody issues

muccilegal July 12, 2018
On behalf of Law Offices of Richard Mucci posted in Child Custody on Thursday, July 12, 2018.

When Massachusetts couples divorce, one of their biggest concerns will more than likely be how to continue parenting. Their relationships are probably not in the best place during this time, and it may be challenging to envision a time when they can get along. A parenting plan may help account for child custody issues that could come up in the future.

If parents want to help avoid unnecessary confrontations in the future, they could make certain agreements in their parenting plans. For instance, they could agree not to discuss each other in front of the children, especially if the conversations are negative in nature. By voluntarily making this agreement, the parents may be more willing to abide by it.

Discipline is another issue about which parents often disagree — even if they are not going through a divorce. When Massachusetts parents go through a divorce, this issue takes on greater importance. Children need stability and consistency. If parents can make an agreement regarding the type of discipline and the actions that require it, it could go a long way toward fulfilling those needs for the children. Other issues such as homework, bedtime rituals and meal times may also be agreed upon in order to rule out any potential misunderstandings.

Of course, it may not be possible to account for every potential child custody issue. However, the more areas in which both parents agree on a solution ahead of time, the higher the probability that those matters will not lead to confrontation. If a couple can identify areas in which they failed to agree during the marriage when it comes to issues with the children, they may be able to address those issues in a parenting plan in order to help make parenting post-divorce at least a bit more pleasant for everyone.

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